30 Day Fitness Challenge for January!

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Happy New Year!!!! Who is ready to jump into 2017 with a giant splash!!! I am so very excited to present an all new I AM AWESOME AND I SWEAT LIKE A GIRL 30 DAY FITNESS CHALLENGE series for 2017 that will incorporate the use of dumbbells for added resistance and fat burn!!!

And yes -- we still have Awesome Levels which are different options for you to choose depending on form! And we still have our Suck levels which are different options on how many sets you preform for the day's reps!

The I am awesome challenge is great for all levels! It will challenge the the gal who has never exercised and the gal who wants to work hard everyday at an optimal fierce fitness level!!

Check out the video below to learn how to follow along and do each exercise at your level of fitness, download the handy chart to note your progress, and of course join our FACEBOOK Group for daily motivation and support!

So follow this link to join us!!! Let's find out awesome in 217 together!!!

About Heather Gidusko

Heather Gidusko is the Creator, Owner and Managing Director of Sweat Like A Girl and Train Like A Girl. She is a Proud Mom of 3 Beautiful Children and has been happily married for over 15 years. She has a BS in Kinesiology and has countless certifications across the Fitness Industry. She is also a Master Trainer for Lebert Fitness and Savvier Fitness. She believes everyone, including YOU, has the potential to be super awesome in anything you want to do as long as you remember to Suck It Up ButterCup and to Believe in yourself!!!

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