Sweat Like A Girl is Gym for All Women.

Sweat Like A Girl is your place to find the Lehigh Valley’s most innovative fitness programs specifically designed for women.

Barre Class at Sweat Like A GirlIt is a place where women of all sizes, ages, shapes, and cultural backgrounds can come together and experience awesome workouts, in addition to feeling great about themselves and each other!

The Sweat Like A Girl instructors will motivate you to give your 100% through challenging workouts, while giving you all the support you need for success! Build elegant strength through pole fitness. Train for obstacle course races like Tough Mudder and Spartan in Train Like A Girl. Explore unique and
effective approaches to fitness with Hoop Sweat, Aerial Silks, Flirty Girl Fitness, and LeBarre. Build confidence and test your limits with high intensity cardio and toning, in classes like Supergirl and Fight Flirty Girl Dance Fitness ClassClub. Fitness should be fun - life should be full of fabulous experiences!! Attend Sweat Like A Girl classes and you will leave feeling fulfilled!! Develop a Strong Feminine Body, Re-Energize your Spirit, Build Self-Confidence, Sweat Like A Girl!

Meet Heather Gidusko, Founder, Owner & Lead Instructor!

Heather Gidusko, Owner Sweat Like A GirlSweat Like A Girl is owned and operated by Heather Gidusko, who has a degree in Kinesiology and Dance. Heather is also a Master Trainer for 3 international fitness companies, a fitness presenter, an obstacle course competitor, a Mom of 3 and is a former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader!! Passionate and enthusiastic doesn't even begin to describe Heather's desire to help you achieve your fitness and health goals!

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