The Sweat Like A Girl Pole Fitness Program is designed to teach you Pole techniques while also providing you an intense and fun workout. Our Pole Sweat classes are for all levels of fitness and pole skills.

Pole FitnessIn each Pole Sweat class, we will teach to each level that is present in class. Beginners will focus on beginner progressions, while more advanced students will work on a higher level of the the same skill. If you have never tried Pole Fitness, do not be afraid to try this awesome form of fitness! It will help YOU to improve your flexibility, gain strength in your arms, core and legs, as well as build your overall confidence! What are you waiting for! Try your first class free today!

In each Pole Sweat class, you will learn and perfect 1-2 pole spins, work on climbing techniques and pole holds. More advanced students will integrate inversions into the class. By the end of each class, the students will have learned a fun routine that will be sure to have your heart pumping!

Personal Pole Fitness TrainingAt Sweat Like A Girl, we have 7 Poles that are 18 ft high! We book up to 12 girls in a class. If you are in a class with full capacity, we will teach the class interval based so that when you are off the pole, you are focusing on a strength or flexibility based exercise. You must reserve your pole for each class to ensure your spot in class. Oh and don't forget to wear shorts under your sweat pants! See You Soon!

All Pole Sweat classes are included in our Unlimited Sweat Memberships, and may also be attended using a class pass or drop-in. View pricing information or make a purchase here.

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Pole Fitness Workshops and Sessions

We periodically offer specialty workshops focusing on different types of choreography and/or specific skills.  Any upcoming workshops will be listed here!

For our more advanced students, we offer Next Level Pole 6 Weeks Sessions.  Please talk to your instructor regarding placement in this class.

Personal Pole Training

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We also offer personal attention to all levels. Whether you are just a beginner working on the basic skills or if you are an advanced poler trying to perfect tricks our Personal Pole Training may be for you! Fees must be paid upon arrival of session.