What is SGT?

  • It Small Group Training limited to 6 per class!
  • It is Strong Girl Training to focus on building strength!
  • It is a session based class that you commit to for 6 awesome weeks!
  • It will utilize brand new equipment including TRX, kettle bells, sandbags and more!
Small Group Personal Training TRX

Class will consist of 45 minutes of intense training!

How is SGT different from our regular classes?

  • You will work on more intense strength exercises.
  • You will get individualized feedback and attention in each class, similar to personal training but cheaper!
  • You will be committed to showing up for your class which will allow for better results!
  • You will have FB online support group where your trainer will motivate you to keep your ass coming back!
  • Bootcamp
  • Cardio
  • Sessions
  • Strength