Heather Gidusko, I go because of you. You never gave up on me. You motivate. I never feel like I don't belong. I know I compete against myself and no one else. Its fun, its exhausting, its humbling, its motivating. There is a comradery that exists amongst the women is apparent. Its a great place I can tell you you've never been to a class like these anywhere.

From the I Am Awesome FACEBOOK Event Page:  First off, I am really bad about not posting...I do my workouts daily, but I space out and don't post, but at least I have my daily dose of awesome. Next, I used to think burpees were difficult, but I now have plank-ups to show me how weak my upper body really is, soooo yay for that! Finally, all whimpering aside, I want to truly say thank you for giving us these challenges. You've given us a great variety, it's easy to start by telling yourself it's only 5 reps, then you find it's easy to tell yourself it's only 30 reps, or 50 reps. Months ago, I found myself at a point where I need help to focus, and you've provided that in a great way, so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Please, keep these coming! I AM AWESOME AND YOU ARE AWESOME!!!